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Today, we remember the great love and sacrifice of God for us. May this day bring new meaning and encourage us to reflect on our behaviors and bring about change. Have a Blessed Good Friday to everyone! #semanasanta2014 (at Marisol Village Angeles City)

Do not settle for less. If you value yourself more than you let your douche of a partner is treating you, then I suggest you hightail it out of that useless relationship! Obviously you are not his world if he could even look at other women and lust after them! And honey, he is not man enough if he could not even be passionate about one woman and that is you. He’s probably compensating for a small package if he has to prove himself over and over and womanize! Trust me, you do not want to settle for a mediocre dick like him! Do not waste your life on a person who couldn’t even be in love with you. You know why I know he’s not in love with you? Because he dared to even look at another and even got a nerve to date her! That in my book is a serious douche-dickwad and a sorry excuse of a man! #mythoughtoftheday #instaquote #instapic #wordofadvice #wisdomlythought

"Smells Like Christmas Spirit"! Christmas is slowly creeping up on the Miranda-Bascon household, Yay! Hmm, still so many things to do and new Xmas decor to buy. My little sweetie’s effort in putting up the Christmas tree earlier made all the exhaustion of the past disappear. I’m thriving on the good vibes that Christmas’ spirit is giving me. Way to accomplish my weekend! #picoftheday #ilovesaturday #instaframe (at Marblezzie’s Crypt)

Good Morning! It’s Friday and I’m sure everyone is anticipating the weekend already. For those having a “not-so-great-day” today, think about the losers who envy you and empathize with them. Imagine having to fantasize everyday of wanting to be YOU but they just couldn’t make their fantasy a reality! Frustrating, right??? Well, just be sorry for them folks and be happy that you’re YOU and not your MINI MEs. Have a truly great day ahead… Have coffee. β˜•β˜•πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ #expressyourself #ilovecoffee #instaframe #picoftheday (at Human Resource Department SPCF)

I know right? Books books and more books! I couldn’t be more of a book junkie! I have to add my library of books to my last will and testament! Hmm, who would want them??? I don’t think my minimes even read, do they? Oooh, I’m pretty sure they don’t! Oh well, I guess that’s good then. I shudder to think that even my fave hobby and addiction is being emulated! My intellect is what obviously sets me apart from them, oh and not to be vain or anything, thank Goodness, for my good genes too! LOL #bookquotes #ilovebooks #iliveandbreathebooks #instaupload #instacollage (at Human Resource Department SPCF)

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